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The Triangle Area including Durham NC, Raleigh NC, Chapel Hill NC, Creedmoor NC, Cary, Oxford NC, Henderson NC, Wake Forest NC

Lamaze childbirth education prepares pregnant women and their support team to:

  • Evaluate the best available evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth, and baby care;
  • Understand their birth options, so you can make informed decisions;
  • Learn useful comfort strategies for labor and birth; 
  • Learn skills to communicate effectively with their health care provider;
  • Build confidence in your ability to use the information and skills during birth and during postpartum; and
  • Create a postpartum plan that focuses on infant feeding, postpartum care, and emotional health.

Lamaze Childbirth Education “2-Go” Kit

Self-study portion involves:
  • Reading childbirth educational materials and watching designated DVDs
  • Practicing with sample tools for you and your partner to practice labor support techniques
Consultation includes:
  • Up to 4 hours of individualized instruction
  • Assistance with preparing your birth wish list (if desired) and developing a postpartum support plan
  • Demonstration of additional labor support techniques with mom and birth partner
Parents will keep the following items:
  • Workbook on Stages of Labor and Labor Support
  • Labor support tool(s)
  • Lamaze Developmental toy for infant

A great option for expectant parent(s) if you have,

  • A busy schedule that does not allow you to commit to a weekly class;
  • Given birth within the past 2-3 years and you just need a quick refresher;
  • Been placed on bed rest by your OB provider; or
  • Just realized that you do not know what to expect and there are no classes open!

Price: $200

For more information or to reserve the Lamaze Childbirth Education “On-to-Go” Kit, email Kit reserved on a first-come; first-serve basis.